Thursday, 2 March 2017

HotS challenge 2!

We are doing a project on characterization for the book House of the scorpion. We had a choice of either doing an Instagram account, a twitter feed, or a music playlist. We chose to make an Instagram account. We tried to get into character and be like tom would if he had Instagram. These are all of the things we did that we think to demonstrate our knowledge of characterization.

Tom is always being mean to matt. Whether it’s insulting him, teasing him, or leading him to the hospital so he sees Mcgregor's clone. We simulated this in the project by commenting mean things on Matt’s posts (Our teacher). We tried to be as mean as possible to show that tom hates matt.

My group thinks that tom is a static character because he has spent the entire book so far just kind of being the antagonist. When Tom is introduced he is already teasing matt and making fun of him. Ever since he has been hating on matt and always being a nuisance. We kind of showed this by posting a picture of a peashooter and asking matt for a rematch to show that he hasn’t moved past that and is still in the same frame of mind as when he was first introduced.

Tom likes to gang up on people he doesn't like to attack him or be mean to them. In this situation, Tom is talking to Felicia to plan something against his enemy, Matt. In this Instagram project, we really focused on the ways Tom changes what happens to Matt. We showed this my talking about “bullying” Matt and what we are going to do to him. These parts show some of Tom's thoughts.  We also see that Tom, if possible, could bring other people who hate Matt too to help him.

Tom really likes to make fun of people and to make them cry. In the first like 100 pages, Tom made Maria cry a lot because she was very young and he would take advantage of that and make her cry by hurting her or making fun of her etc...
In this Instagram post, we tried to show the aspects of Tom character and his looks. In the book when Tom is first introduced it said he was a little older than Matt and he had red hair and freckles. What other way is there to demonstrate a character's looks then to post a selfie on Instagram.  
Tom always thinks he is cool and knows everything and thinks he is the best. He is a person who is not afraid of being mean. There are times where he is a very static character then a dynamic he is nice to older people but mean to the young ones.
In this Instagram post, we showed Tom making fun of Matt because he had a stuffed bear and we was purposely showing that he ripped it and Tom wasn't regretting it he intended to show Matt the ripped bear. Then the comments went on about Matt and Tom arguing and being rude to each other. This post was another example of how rude Tom is to people especially Matt.

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